Wednesday, March 23, 2011

wicked wicked wednesday

so i think it's been decided that i need a pattern.

i sat at my sewing machine yesterday --DETERMINED! i was going to make something. anything.  actually i got inspired by seeing this woman's cute little change purse that was shaped like an owl and i thought, i can do that. well. i probably could if i had a pattern. or an idea of what i was doing. or even an idea of how to do it.

so i made a box. well, like a fabric pocket. the husband showed me that if i put the thingy down on the side the metal part comes down farther and then even though i can't move the fabric however i want to it moves in a straight even line.. who'dathunkthat?

but now that i have straight line down, i want to go bigger. i want purses and blankets and dresses. i want them made and done by me with no hassle. i want to LOVE my sewing machine.

well, we're working on that. right now i just lust. lust after all the things i hope to one day be able to do.

and in the meantime, i knit. knitting is my go to when i'm frustrated with my sewing because i have no idea what i'm doing and no idea how to do anything and no pattern or thought in mind of what i want to make. i knit. because knitting does not require thinking. especially what i'm doing now. a blanket with no purls. nothing fancy. just occasional switches in color.

and omygoodness, i tried to switch up to this thick pretty purple yarn and put it in my "blanket" which i was basically just playign with so i was using the cheapest yarns i had so use 'em up and see how it looked... and i had such a problem with it. i'm sitting there knitting away while the huzz plays video games and i'm all "ut oh", "omgoodness", "AHHH!", "IT'S NOT GONNA FITTT!!!!" it totally fit. just fyi. but i could only do two rows before i was positive my hands would fall off. that yarn needs larger than i have needles.

at least that's what i'm saying to make myself feel better about my slackerdome.

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