Wednesday, March 30, 2011

knitting circles around you

so i'm trying... i figured i'd start with some easy knitting patterns since i'm doing that anyhow and then maybe when i make my way into sewing i'll be a pattern reading genius and everyone will be like whoa, i didn't know you could read patterns so well. maybe you should just make your own ...

which p.s. i already am attempting with nothing else behind me and much frustrations will lay ahead..... i have an idea for a quilt i want to make for my friend who's getting married NEXT august... like 2012... it'll probably take me about a year to get it done since, again, i'm starting with no background and only frustrations. funny how when i'm away from my sewing machine for a while how cocky i get in thinking myself ahead...

so ANY HOW i was looking up how to make something that curves in knitting... like not just an angle or a square how you make something 'u' shaped or i guess circular and i stumbled across a few websites and they're all like oh... it's easy here get your four needles out and i'm like WHAT FOUR 4 FOUR NEEDLES??????!?!?!?!? they must be joking... and they aren't. somebody please tell me there's an easier way to do this? PLEASE?? no??

ugh. i need to buy more needles. i need to finish what i'm doing so i can get off my needles so i can buy  more needles so i can do more knitting. how on earth am i ever going to get to sewing?

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