Monday, March 21, 2011

sew not

SEW... (i'm sew funny)

lame. i know. i've been trying to sew on mondays. like, sewing mondays. mondays i come home and make something awesome then jump on my blog and tell the world about how i'm dominating my sewing machine.

that didn't happen. mainly because i'm now terrified of my sewing machine.

this weekend, the husband and i were out doing our shopping and browsing and wasting of perfectly good daylight and i found not only one but two lovely bundles of perfectly wonderful fabric. (super cute.. again someday my camera will work and i'll take pictures and show you and you'll be like omg how could you keep this cuteness from me and not make something awesome with it? and i will tell you... i'm scared. i'm a big freaking baby and i'm afraid i have the wrong needles and i'll ruin the cuteness factor with my sloppy messy lead foot on the peddle.)

so instead of actually using this super cute fabric when i got home. i waiting. it's sitting. longingly in a bag on my kitchen floor still just itchin' to be used... but i instead took to knitting.

which is actually kinda awesome. i've been knitting up a storm.. this weekend i drove down to mass to go with the fabulous charlie --wedding dress shopping!! so much fun!! i love looking at all the beautiful [and not so beautiful] dresses.

AND SHE TAUGHT ME HOW TO PURL!! so now i can make uber fabulous things and change colors and i'm working on a mini blanket of sorts because i also got my first pair of loopy needles and i wanted to try them out... so i sat ALL DAY on my porch last thursday when it was beautiful out and just played with them. i think i'm getting carpal tunnel but it's so much fun when you sit for hours doing something and you can actually show your progress!--- which, i know, would probably that much more exciting if i was sewing and i could actually wear or use what i'm sewing but i'm freakin' terrified i'm going to make a mess again.. so sew me. ha!

*please disregard all sewing puns. i find myself amazingly funny... but i'm also part polish.*(not that i would ever admit to that... )

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