Sunday, April 24, 2011

dinner date with miss jenn greene

this is what women do who don't celebrate easter. we went out to portsmouth. we were going to go to agave which a wonderful mexican restaurant but for some reason they don't believe in allowing people who don't celebrate easter to have loads of tequila. (aka they observe the holiday) so we went across the street where i ran into my dear friend hans. which is amusing because i run past a road that has the same name as him. which conincidently happens to be named after him. which is amusing because he's actually going to work at a restaurant in wolfeboro this summer and his cousin is a rival lawyer in this town. his cousin. yay!
don't be afraid of my sexy face
or my gigantic arm. trust me.
gym is getting done.
we are the sexiest women in the world.
yes i am the most beautiful woman you've ever seen.
* be warned this post was created while intoxicated. *

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