Wednesday, May 4, 2011

so we just moved...

across the hall. big step, i know. but seriously. we have a washer/dryer. that's right folks. i'm living the dream.

here's the thing. the entire apartment is one color. one cream yellow/dirt color. so i'm looking for some inspiration. i'm looking for some decorating/sewing/crafting ideas... and i'm looking for some presents. bring 'em on!

i'm mildly obsessed with my bedroom at the moment. i want a headboard. i want a grown up bed. and i  want pretty walls and a room that i don't want to leave. the living room can be next so keep your eyes open but i've wanted a new bedspread for a while and i think a cover for my current brown and blue mess is going to be first up on my sewing project list. the following were all taken from i love them. if they wanted to, i'd totally let them redecorate my whole place.

there isn't anything i don't like about this room.
i love the headboard. the details. the colors.
i LOVE the wallpaper. good. all good.

this one's a little festive for my taste but i love the detail and attention it gets. i want that.

i love this night stand. and the wall color. and the light.
i'm mildly obsessed with green.

this one i added mainly for the wall color. that's
kinda what i was thinking of. i like how our current
color keeps things bright and the sun looks amazing
on it but ... maybe it's too matchy?

this is a little dreamboaty for me but it fits in with the
current colors of the room. peaceful. calm. pretty.
i want a little more pizazz.

this room i could not stop staring at. i think i'm in love.
i love the detail and lines in the bed. i love the waves.
i LOVE the coloring. and contemporary. cleaness
of it all. i'm not sold on the wall color. but it fits.
ok. that's it for my dreaming for now. hopefully i'll be able to check out some fabrics tomorrow and therefore be able to start stuff up again. i've been lazy. super lazy. i haven't even finished my knitting! i'm such a bum.

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