Tuesday, April 5, 2011

this how i spend my time.

don't judge.

 this has been my set up for the past... almost month now. i barely have three feet knit and i've run out of yarn twice. :-/

(and yes, that is chocolate syrup next to me. again i said don't judge.)

i feel like if i had put more thought into this mess i've gotten myself in, i'd have chosen some prettier colors but when i started i wasn't thinking... oh, i'll knit a blanket. i was thinking, i wonder how this works. i should try it out.

my current goal is to get this done. and to get some fabric. maybe this weekend i can meander out into the wild fabric stores of new hampshire and find something awesome. maybe there i'll get a hankering to drop my knitting needles and start up a loving relationship with suzy sewing machine. you're right, though. there's no way i'm going to get anythign accomplished being afraid of my sewing machine.

it's a jungle out there. and i'm afraid i have the wrong shoes.

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