Wednesday, April 13, 2011

apartment therapy

i know this blog is about my sewing adventures and recently hasn't even been about that... more so my knitting adventures and i SWEAR that is to change... but the truth of the matter is i'm completely distracted... you see i may soon (as in the end of this month) have a brand new apartment which is actually right across the hall from my current apartment. BUT this apartment has a WASHER/DRYER. and therefore, i'll be able to wash my fabrics in the comfort of my own home... how stinkin' fabulous is that?

so in light of this recent news, i found this picture at (ok so i actually got it from the email i lovingly signed up for)
things i love so much about this picture:
  • bold colors. i absolutely love bold colors. problem is i'm a bit of a commitment phob when it comes to them. i want them but i want to be able to change them out every day. or every time i think of it. or every time is see a color that i'm like wow that's fabulous. -- side note: our apartment right now is a complete mess of this crazy fleshy color. it's like a pink but kinda peach but kinda brown but kinda your grandma's bathroom. but it's ALL OVER OUR APARTMENT. in the bathroom, in the bedroom, in the kitchen, in the living room... ok that's all the rooms we have. it's a small place but covered in the same color all over. i'm hoping with the new place, we'll not only have color in our stuff but we'll also be able to paint!
  • books. i love books. i love bookshelves. books from school. books that maybe i haven't read yet but if i keep them in a place that i see them maybe i will.. i love that you can color code them. i love alphabetizing them. i love looking back on what i've done... oh. hello degree in art history. where have you been?
  • and i love CLUTTER. which is strange for a organization lover. i absolutely love organizing but i love organizing things more. like having things around. knick-knacks. things from days of fun. and then putting them together in different ways. maybe i should have had a career in marketing? [random side note: erik HATES clutter. he hates things. my opinion. he can't stand having anything on counter space or things on dressers... or coffee tables. how did i fall in love with this man? our decorating styles are completely different... my ideal - vintagey, warm, boldly colored, filled with fun and awesome. his - stark, modern, clean. boring. :)]
  • i love the frames. i want a bunch of random things framed and set up like that in the new place... but all we have are pictures of erik and i kissing. which is weird.
ok that's it for now. i promise to return when i have more insightful information to share about my crafting habits. book club starts friday. we'll see how that goes.

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