Monday, May 23, 2011

i should get paid for this...

oh wait, i do get paid for this.

i had a discussion with my dear friend charlie today about how we should get paid to read blogs because we have excellent taste in blogs. it's true. we like blogs. and we have great taste. and i'm wasting time. because right now. i'm getting paid to blog. WHAT? yes, because i'm sitting at my desk writing this not becuase i'm home in my pjs on this dreary day reading blogs like i would like to. this is how i spend most of my work days. don't tell my boss.

anyhow. i pulled this off of today. way to cute not to share.

i know i've sworn so many times that i would actually get back to sewing so i've semi given up saying it. truth of the matter though, when i was sick last week i did find myself roaming around benjamin franklin (yes we still have one of those up in here) and i got some super sweet fabrics. i'm planning on starting with curtains for our bedroom (i will notify you with pictures if/when this actually comes to be) and i want to cover our ugly pillows as well. we have an orange one and a red one. who does that? they match with nothing. maybe that's why i like them so much. like them enough to cover them up that is...

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