Friday, June 3, 2011

again with my obsession with blogs

so today while i should be doing excellent workingness at my boring day job i am again instead working by reading and wishing blogging was my life like linda's at rosealamode!

she is giving away a pair of KM2shoes on her blog and since i am going to charlie's bridal shower tomorrow and we spend all day trying to figure out what amazing shoes she should wear to her wedding and have not yet come to a perfect pair, i thought why not try to win them for her? yes, i really am that nice in real life. they don't make em like this anymore.

check these out:
aren't they pretty?
my plan is to paint her and her soon to be husband a picture for their new log cabin that they're building (hence no money for pretty shoes) which should be done just after the wedding... but a girl should have something pretty and fun for her bridal shower/wedding to call her own.

and seriously, she's like 5'2" and her husband to be is 6'4". she needs all the height she can get.

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